2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

Bird Cry

If I had a faster tweet
If I were more than this meat
If I could fly through the streets
If I could provide for thee?

Would you be up for it?

“I do not know
Where would we go?”

“To my nest
May we rest
— Together”

2020 Poems Shapes

Out Of Sync

It is the Language that will save us.
If the words don’t destroy us first. ~Mindscribe

We are asked to see the world as binary. We are given glasses with only two lenses — polar lenses in opposition of eachother, pulling your eyes with a strain so hard that the only choice is to close one of your eyes. But, we need bifocals at least, though we really use an array of lenses everyday. Ones for work, others for children, bare naked eyes for your lover — “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” – Ghandi

2020 Poems


We priests
Of the dirt
Have gathered this bark

To bring
Fire and light
To your eternal dark

To set loose
This tongue
To remind the mind

That “you
Will have no
other Gods before me”

In dark
Robes these takers
Prepare what is not theirs

In justice
In gratiated
In kind in cantations

To evoke
Your fear
And provoke you into hiding

What spells
The Witchers
Cast to find you

Follow Your
Every move
Re-writing mind under blue lights

You lie
Waiting for enlightenment

You must
In these powers greater than you

Bring to
The light
A word that can still be heard

Not still
Born on
The lips of false prophets

For the
Ceremony has just commenced

Put down
Your flags
Draw up your masks tightly

No spell
Can stop
The cast of blood that
Will baptize our new souls

2020 Garden Psalms Poems


It is always
Quite peculiar to me
That in the spring
We must first destroy
Before we can bring new
Life to the light.

The mighty butterfly bush
Must first be hobbled
Before its May burst
Fragrant flowers of early
Summer. Cut back of
All the previous year’s
Ambition. Laid waste to
Stump and seemingly left
For dead. Yet, from
Every pore does pour a
Bursting of harnessed
Sunshine that sets out to
Entwine its frothy
Flowers up and out to
The sky. An offering
For the Father. (And the

Peaceful, the soils of winter
Frozen in time and distracted
From the ambitions of summer
Suddenly disturbed! Torn
Apart foot by foot. Every
Living thing destroyed to make
Way the people’s plan for the
Land. Focused fruits of
Labor, water, soil and toil.
Different traditions, each follow-
ing the Master, The Sun.
Timed only by its rising
Desire to burn existence into
Being. To breed green life to
Sustain the Diviner.

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

Bird Song Third

Bird song
Gives me

A call
To hear


The Po-
ets ear

Please hear
Please hear
Please hear me

Your At-
tention is

Hear ye
Hear ye! Hear
Our songs

To Aw
-aken Your

2020 Albuquerque Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Turning dirt

Turning the dirt
With Great-Grand-Daddy’s plow

Sharecropper’s till
Real familiar somehow

Making quick work
Of my little garden plot

He’d make an acre
Into food they never bought

But it never really seems
Like my efforts pay out full

Maybe this year’s different
Using my ancestral tool

2020 Poems


This Old Book*
Born before you
By Sixteen years
Tattered on the
Cover but
Full of Rare
Beyond its years
Like you.


On separate plains
We’ve walked these
Many years while
By my side
Your presence
Felt! A constant
Like the pull
Of True North.
A constant
Companion of
Spirit. Compadre
de una otra madre.

May the Journey
Be but halfway through >>


2020 Garden Psalms Poems

Sunset Candy

Cottoncandy salmon over
‘68 Mustang Metallic Blue
Rippling whisps of melon
Streched over Sodalite
Swifting, Lighting,
Darkening, Brightening,
Going, going,


2020 American Place Breaking Muse Poems Six Pack

Canned Goods

Bounded up



As to what
As normal.


Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Footnotes Why

Notes on Canned Goods

I initially started the writing that led to this poem by looking into the actual words that were used.

Fragility — the human condition is exorbitantly weak. We really don’t like that fact.

Boxes — Maria Kondo – put your life into neat little bento boxes— tidy up your life

Mental Boxes — when our emotional chaos is present, we work hard to categorize our responses. Tidy up our minds — but that is usually mental space filled with work and future planning. Very tidy, our future, in our minds, until plans are disrupted by social crisis.

De-coupling — Social Distancing breeds anxiety -especially for extroverts- by hallowing our our group response. When all of a sudden you take away the immediate, physically present, response that we have by being in the same room or the same table — when canned laughter is absent you realize that fake laughter that connects you is better than watching comedy dead pan. A comedian of one is not really that funny. We require social interactivity.

And a news conversation that has to wait for delayed interactions, stops people from answering naturally and responding fluidly.

Canned Goods