1995 Poems

An Ode to Profundity

 (A Keatsian Formatic)


What subtle leaf plays havoc on my cheek? Wild westward wind blew thee into my hand.

Proponderance —*my mind sets forth to seek; Violent beauty laid waste across the land.

“Fall Sentients, tribute Profundity!” Gods flow forth beneath its omniscient stance;

With bowed heads, thin grasps take up marbl’d capes; Fair beings, lost, regain humanity.

Mythic response to endings seen short glance. Sun eclipsing, shallow graves, pull forth escapes.


Rise up thou used living dead. Be led Unto simpler, easy thoughts. No more Shall it be asked that Ponderance be fed.

Close, you, your mind to stairwell leading doors. Why worry one’s self with wild willful thoughts? No need to seek the deep, un-navigat’d Terrain, which leads unto pure divine Expressions. Shun such petty useless rot.

“I shall not let this be negotiated! O, Profundity, save this soul of mine!”


Dig deep, trench through, swallow the sallow soil, Until the reflection of self is seen.

Fallen creatures abashed by earthen toil.

Bear on, oh Brother Slayer, hands washed clean. Deserted plains produced sane green sages—

Tablet law from mountains for moral men—

Symbolic wood, blood stained, forgave wrongs done. Ancient ways trampl’d under war hooves’ rages, ‘Til submissive souls sang the song of sin

Never to understand—why? “Holy Son!”


“Profundity, why dost thou madness bring?”

Unto Poetic Genius a gift,Yet some sad souls sit shattered by your sting.

Between extremes, plain thoughts are free to drift. We shall not let these blanket us in cold,

For, once settled, stale shovels dare not dig, Since plugged-in gods make minds afraid to stand, And have one thought, original, be told. All this calamity from one truth fig?

Last sweet morsel. Rejoice! Now dreams command.


Proponderance the mental action or process that occurs prior to the consideration of profound thought.