2021 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Poems

Golden Boughs

The trees acknowledge me
Nodding their heads
In the breeze

Contrasted pillars
Of black and white
Glowing golden

Packed full of
Black birds
Suddenly silent

Then bursting away
In a tightly packed
School of flight

Growing calls
Of the animals
Preparing for the night

Herons tall
And purple
Pecking their evening meal

As little perfection
Can be found in this world
This moment, one–

Lifts my spirit and
Makes me bound
Giddy as a child called to home.

2021 American Place Breaking Muse Poems

American Eulogy

American EulogyWe weep
We weep
We cry
We seek
For our
And our lost
So many
So many
We knew
Now gone
Now gone
To this
Viral cause
Our uncles
Our friends
And loved ones
Few have been
By this Angel
Of Death
Their flags
They fly
Cross the
Capitol sky
So many
Lights in
Now tamped
Out and
With our prayers
Take flight
Our river
Of tears
Pour on
Pour on
So many
Great Lives
Cut short
In their stride
We call out
Their names
We share
Their good deeds
A chorus
This mourning
Leaves us
All in need
Let us pray

2020 American Place Poems

Night B4 Christmas

We used to spend
A lot of time
At Christmas

Making magic
In the dark
Behind the curtain

From whole carrots
Left for reindeer
Turned to shredded Peels

The half drunk
Milk and a belly
Full of cookies

I didn’t need
To eat to
The secrets revealed

In the morning
When they wake to
Find “Santa Came!”

2020 American Place Poems

Winter’s Day

Winter is here
If you
Live someplace cold

Cold is here
Muffin tops
Made of glass

Glass window
In fog
With Christmas colors

Colors everywhere
This time of year
A light
To bring you
Through the dark winter night

2020 Albuquerque American Place Poems

New Moon The Waning Year All Souls

The full blue moon set
This morning on Hallow’s Day

A Day for Dead
To be remembered

Alters built
For friends and pets
Family, loved ones
These ancestors we’ve kept
In tales of remembrance.

The power of the story
To recall the spirit
Of our cherished gone.

We long
For resurrection!
And within
These brief moments
They are here
— With us.

2020 Albuquerque American Place Poems


The withering leaves
Holding on to the green
As they struggle
Laden with
Snow to control
The last moments
Of their living existence
Short the distance
To the ground
Where they will soon
Be piled up
Into fond
Childhood Memories

2020 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms Poems

Don’t Be Late

An orderly disarray —
Recorder singing
Up and down the scale
While the flowers
Of Autumn dance
In the light breeze.
And daisies
Orange marigolds
Red dew cups
Full of bees knees
Tomato, basil
Garlic Please!
Small leaves
Of chard to
Be tossed with
The lard of
A beautiful bacon butt.

Don’t be late for breakfast!

2020 American Place Poems

Cool Sun

The shadows lay down
In Autum Mornings
Low Southern sun
Not ready to become
Part of the day yet.

Hiding behind mountains
Waiting to crawl back
Into the limelight
Peeking behind the trees at
The end of their summering.

Another, soon to be
Casualty of the fallen
As winter presses her cold
Fingers over
The Earth

2020 Albuquerque American Place Poems

Coffee Break

A fresh start
Like cold autumn air
Pulling back the heat curtain
To reveal brisk brightness
That bites at the lungs
And steams out your mouth.
A cup of hot coffee
Vapor currents dancing
From its circular rim…
So it begins

And we scan the horizon
For Hot Air Balloons
That aren’t rising this year.
No mass ascension
To draw your attention
Away from the boring end
of summer.

In this Covid time
No gathering sublime
to race off into
the sunrise.

Here we sit
and take a sip
of our cooling coffee
at the breakfast table
unable to escape another day.

2020 American Place Oklahoma Poems

Bare My Sole

The moist October air
Puts the curls back in my hair
Away, away, away, I’ve been
Out in the Desert for 30 years
Yet, born out here was
My Pioneer Spirit —
My grandparents survived
With soil, toil and grit.
My parents carried on
with God and good will.
So, here I sit
No shoes to fill…
Stickered feet
Of my own desire
To return with bare soles
In these modern times
Fat and well fed
Much longer to survive
Than my pioneering
Who died out here.
A bout of pneumonia
After their posse did find
The lost little girl
Out in a world most unkind.