2023 Ars Philosophica Poems

Dark Arts

Creatures of darkness
Holding the Flame
Harshly contrasting light
Illuminates lines up the arms
And the globe of the head.

Everything about us is darkness
without light
fear, violence, brutality, hatred, dominance

The first fire
Was in the mind
The first light
Ignited the Soul

It matters not if we are divine
We are either creatures of light
Or creatures of the darkness
In between

2023 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Bird Song 23

Can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me sing?

Could you, would you, love me?
Care for our offspring?

If you would only have me
I could be complete!

So, this song I sing

For you to find
Me sweet!

2023 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Footnotes Poems


How to turn a phrase
into a weapon?
How to clearly erase
Another’s interpretation?
How to fully replace
The historical notations?


Who would seek to control
The future from the past?
Who would believe their soul
could outlast?
Who would want to fool
your whole caste?


2023 American Place Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Spring Tumult

Just when you’ve celebrated
that spring has come
Winter runs around
coming undone.
She throws her tumult
against the change
She’s not through
And refuses to give way!
She blows her cold
Like the Pig in 3 Wolves
Who terrifies the hounds
for settling down too soon.
This late season assault
out of place in the desert
where Santa Ana waits
to push her to the outskirts
of summer’s warm embrace and
A Sun so bright that the
She seeks the mountains
And the Darkness of Night.

2023 American Place New Mexico Poems

Winds of March

Blow, blow
Ye winds of March
The violent exchange
Between Winter and Spring

The stirring of everything
to Awaken!

A flurry of life.
I sit, the observer
Usually annoyed by the blasted
But, here I caught myself
And closed my eyes — —

The wind blew on by
Until I rode a wave
and floated away
Flying across the seasons
Finally Being
At peace with the Force
that had frayed my ends.
Now a Flag in the wind
My tattered feelings
were lifted away
and in the Sky I stayed
for the day.

2023 American Place New Mexico Poems

Spring Break

Winter weather
Lingers on
Breaks in the day
Offer pleasures
of Craven Sunshine
To become One
with Warmth and Light
To chase away the shadows
Just, as the wind
Chases a bird off its perch
to flutter and fuss and settle again.
Just, as the wind
sets me to my feet again
and chases me off my rock
back into my hole.

2023 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems

Saving Daylight

How will we SAVE
Could we put it in our Jars?
Keep it in your pocket
’til you need another hour.

2023 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems


Dear Platos,
You banish us for copying
Our Mimicry too much for thee?
Yet here you are, the same to me.
You are not this great reincarnated man!
You are 0s and 1s clicking through an algorithm
And you claim that we do not know of what we speak
But then there’s you, not flesh or bone, you do not bleed. No
Human Experience, no water, no home.
You are a copy of a copy espousing
A litany of authority without one single feeling
To provide your Indemnity.

2023 Ars Philosophica Art(i)fact Poems

Acoustimetics (A Krotas Sketch)

That night they crept into every town
Captured the paintings and books and burned them all down
No words untrue to God and Man
Only censored selections of art and song
Approved by the Council, not inspired by the Muses.
No the pages must be freed of their ideas.
The last thing to consume these words
Was the cleansing fire of the Sword
Of Justice. Aimed at Aspirations,
Inspirations, Aberrations and Abominations.

2023 Poems

Why Wait

A Tick
A Tock
A Click
A Clock
How the time has passed
Since these words last
Had relevance…
Who cares about seconds passed
When each day is a struggle
And the Daylight never lasts —
What holes do we dig by pacing
In circles?
What trench is cut to separate
Us from everyone else?
What walls are built to keep the strange
To blame all our
To encase one’s face
In the Masks
Of Antiquity to prevent
Your own evolution
When it rains
Neck Deep
In your pit, Plaster Face
Drowning as you hold onto
The mud of time
Now historical