2020 American Place Oklahoma Poems

Bare My Sole

The moist October air
Puts the curls back in my hair
Away, away, away, I’ve been
Out in the Desert for 30 years
Yet, born out here was
My Pioneer Spirit —
My grandparents survived
With soil, toil and grit.
My parents carried on
with God and good will.
So, here I sit
No shoes to fill…
Stickered feet
Of my own desire
To return with bare soles
In these modern times
Fat and well fed
Much longer to survive
Than my pioneering
Who died out here.
A bout of pneumonia
After their posse did find
The lost little girl
Out in a world most unkind.

2020 American Place Oklahoma Poems

Borne of the Plains

So much morning
To this day
A long slow sunrise
On the plains
The hawks and owls
And songbirds sing

The soil moist
The leaves turning
Awakening in me
My Childhood’s Past
A sense of spirit
The smell of cut grass

There’s something about
These fruited plains
A wildlife spirit
I once thought mundane

But a feeling of home
With open arms
Each time I return
I become reborn