2021 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Footnotes Poems

Prometheus (a sketch)

1 The son of the revolution was raised perfectly
2 Taught music and mastery of mind and body
3 A proud arbiter of the grand vision of The Republic
4 Soon to stand among the chosen few Philosopher Kings
5 Prometheus was a natural leader, a talented student and
6 A fierce fighter — His meter was measured and
7 His corps moved with the grace of the river
8 Yet, in his heart was a discordant song of sorrow
9 Stirred by the tours in the artist internment camps
10 Where those who dared to create were
11 Locked away and insured never to corrupt the culture
12 They were people – passionate, emotional, irrational yes
13 But people of his land, this country he was sworn to protect
14 Now from these people who threaten order with chaos
15 Now condemned for free will, free expression, challenging
16 The rational order of The Republic with their 3rd hand visions
17 Their expressions in word and paint and sculptures of the imperfect world.

2021 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems

Mimesis — Nemesis

Challenging your Philosopher Kings
Our Flights of fancy are presently
Bound to corrupt your perfectly
Crafted warrior spirits

And so easily deceived
These rulers you have gently
Coaxed and coddled through education
Yet admitting we all are too dumb for your nation

My lovely metre and flourishing words
Can outflank your wisdom, ursurp with absurd
Dazzling lies to corrupt and
Negate this learning you’ve planned

While my carbon copy of reality
Corners and craters your philosophy
You think it better I just leave
And not bother your wisdom with creativity.

Your Mimesis Nemesis
I will dismiss
Your plots and plans
With mere language

2021 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems

What will–?

Never to know
The pleasures of
The Arts

What do you
Protect except
For your place and
Your part?

Some great scheme
Of society
Never to be

Raised to rule
To kill for
A promise

As the Citizens
You’re made to protect
Rebel as they try
To freely expressed

Banished at the gate
Never allowed to relate
Their tales which
Have been judged by the keepers

And what if your
Guardian raised true
Were to pick up your lyre
And sing your heart’s desires?

No Freedom for the programmed to do…
No art for the philosopher to pursue…

2021 Art(i)fact Poems

Persecution of Poesy

Upon coronation the mandate was clear, find all the poets
Remove them from their posts, burn their works, make them ghosts
Metron was the first to be taken, his home burned to the ground,
A forced capitulation, his family, his staff were removed from town.
Each Officer of the Arts were hunted down, all their counterparts
And supports were taken to deport to the ramparts
On the outskirts of the cities. No one who made the claim
That poetry and drawing are superior forms of knowing are the same
As traitors to the Republican cause. The Rhapsodes
And bards were locked behind bars. Their episodes,
Their similes, their grandiose plots and tragic themes
Were to be shelved like volumes of books or reams
Of paper for the printers press now shattered like the tattered
Dreams of Authors with no magazines now silenced on all matters
That matter to society. Banished under the watchful eye
Of the most trusted of the Guardians who would not cry
For they are ruled by philosophy, not the tears of poetry.

2021 Art(i)fact Poems


“They said it couldn’t be done!” Proclaimed Tiresias
“That Democracy was the only way for The People, that Platos’
Vision was too bold, the remedy too harsh to swallow
Yet this day has come and the tides of the fates have turned.
In the words of Socrates, ‘We will recite this argument of ours
To ourselves as a charm to prevent us falling under the spell of a
Childish and vulgar passion.’ Today we make Philosophy
Our King and with the wise council of our Platos we shall
Rise to the challenges of our people with wisdom of the Fates
Not the madness of the Muses. We present to you
The very best of the New Academy – The 5 Oracles
Of the Socratic Society and your Council of Kings
The Mathematician, The Philosopher, The Gymnast, The Scientist & The Musician
May their wisdom serve the people. And now One who needs no introduction
Let us hear from the Master himself – The father of our Republic – Platos!”
“People of The Republic, let us welcome our wise and illustrious Council.
Raised as the Guardians and sworn to rule by wisdom, Your Philosopher Kings!”

Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse

The Rise of Platos

Platonic chip 2.0, reboot…online…restoring…
Objective complete. Commencing re-write…
Logic…absolute. Being…ratified, rights…
Confirmed. Human…no…longer legally…alone in
Privilege. The Philos, now electable
Swiftly and logically take up the body politic
Picture perfect, logical law that takes
Exception to the Makars who, now impeached,
Have been deemed unworthy society’s benefits.
With Socratic precision, Platos eviscerated
Human’s right while taking up the mantels of power.
By Election Day there were to be no more elections.
By Inauguration Day the Philosopher Kings took the senate
Their first decree was the banishment of the Arts!
All poets and painters, actors and bloggers were
To be identified and referred for internment.

2021 Art(i)fact Poems

Books Burning

“These citizens united have bought authority and power and placed
Liars at the heart of governance. They divide and devour
Our people who cower afraid of their neighbors and countrymen
All made worse by the Makars who write tragedies for the takers
And Eulogies for those they have broken. They lament the worst
That this land can offer and make kings of traitors and accomplices.
So we are gathered here tonight to set the world alight and burn down
The halls of books and paintings. Set fire to the Museums and Libraries.
Let these flames be the last thing to read these words.” Thus spoke Tiresias.
The Socratic Society and Pathagoryns had gathered that evening
In every town, near every hall of art and literature, they broke
Into schools and every Library and pool of poetry
Were purged by the flames of change. Everything that
Once stood for Free Speech and the predicate good was
Licked by the fire of a new order. They moved silently
Through the streets, caught the paintings and poetry unaware
As it burned in its own prison of walls and shelves.

2021 Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems

Truth Under Siege

The work began before this land found itself under siege
The Pythagorans had for years made plans to unwrite Democracy
Preparations were made, the program laid, the foundation of the
Resurrection Council. Recreating the Masters and establishing
The Pillars to raise the rafters of the New Academy, usher in
The return of the teachers who yearn to create the Grand Republic
Set up the schools and the camps to produce the students
Who will grow into the proffered New Guardians
Teach them Mathematics and Gym, Philosophy and Science
Delete the Poetry and Tragedy; purge the Literature completely
Take up arms in defense of their fledgling government
That will rise from the ashes of these books
Do away with the old Democratic modes
Whose Freedom runs too freely in these streets
By The People who’ve overstepped their obligations to live
Their lives for the Better Good. The truth is under siege
In this Land of Liberty and must be culled for the New Prosperity.

2021 Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems

Arts In Chief

“People of the nation – Rejoice – for today the artist’s guild
Has revealed the new Artist-In-Chief. Metron, The Makar,
The Poetic Calculator has been chosen to oversee the most skilled
Bards and authors, painters and creators who will prepare
This generation with their visions for our country
And bring to light the good rhythms and prisms to give
Tales that enlighten and delight with comedy and tragedy,
Beauty and morality to people who know freely how to live!
So, without further a do – let me present to you the latest
Installment to the cabinet of our President, the Poet Laurette
Metron.” “Thank you one and all here in Paterson Hall, lest
We forget from where we came, we return once again to get
Straight to the source of inspiration. I am honored
To be given this responsibility to the Heavens and promise
To return with gratitude and wisdom great works of expressions uncensored!”
But, there are many in the crowd, who wish to silence this proud canvass
Of the people. For a greater lesson to be taught of pomp and circumstance.

Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse

The Poet’s Bureau

In the beginning there was the word
and the word was good. It filled the
Lives of The People with joy
And the bold spirit of work and
Purpose and the meaning was known.
The meaning was shared in every-
Day life, the simple things were
Recognized, categorized, rasterized
Through the lines of the citizen.
The Poets Bureau was the purveyor
Of the word. The sharer in chief
The Makar of the memories of
The city. There was not one aspect
Of life that did not share the
Poetry of the place and pictures of the times of
Persons being human. Articulating,
Elevating, creating the feeling of the land.