2021 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Poems

Golden Boughs

The trees acknowledge me
Nodding their heads
In the breeze

Contrasted pillars
Of black and white
Glowing golden

Packed full of
Black birds
Suddenly silent

Then bursting away
In a tightly packed
School of flight

Growing calls
Of the animals
Preparing for the night

Herons tall
And purple
Pecking their evening meal

As little perfection
Can be found in this world
This moment, one–

Lifts my spirit and
Makes me bound
Giddy as a child called to home.

2021 Poems

Nevermind what I wanted

I wanted to be a
Rock Star
Drank enough to fall
Out of a car
But the beat, beat me
And the band disbanded

I wanted to be
A Novelist
Drank enough to make
Hemingway blush
But the narrative eluded me
And the book was shelved

Now, I have abandoned the bottle
And picked up my pen
Ever the poet, my poems my friends
Who have never abandoned me
In the moon’s blue light
Whose occasional outburst
Blooms before my sight

Words my salvation
When in anger this day
Softens the danger and
Beckons me to stay
True to my word
In a world that lies
Awake in the darkness
With new lines to try

2021 American Place Breaking Muse Poems

American Eulogy

American EulogyWe weep
We weep
We cry
We seek
For our
And our lost
So many
So many
We knew
Now gone
Now gone
To this
Viral cause
Our uncles
Our friends
And loved ones
Few have been
By this Angel
Of Death
Their flags
They fly
Cross the
Capitol sky
So many
Lights in
Now tamped
Out and
With our prayers
Take flight
Our river
Of tears
Pour on
Pour on
So many
Great Lives
Cut short
In their stride
We call out
Their names
We share
Their good deeds
A chorus
This mourning
Leaves us
All in need
Let us pray

2021 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Breaking Muse Poems

Fire Was The Last One To Read This Book – I

I – Book of Matches

Theme, Tone, Meter
Subject so

Matters, meanings
And Moments

We have relinquished our
place at the council table

We have forsaken our
Duty to protect the arts

We have been overcome
By our own eviscerating criticism

We have severed the artisan’s
Hand from the corporal community

We have left them behind
To suffer the brutality of the mob

They have come to the Library
With torches — Our Words

Read In Fire

2021 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Breaking Muse Poems

Fire Was The Last One To Read This Book – II

II – Fire Song

The Pages tumbled
Off the shelf
Waterfall —
Tumbles Pages back up
Full of Flames
The words read
One last time
by Fire
Pages tumble and whirl
In tornadoes
On Fire, Words
Consumed for
The last time
by fire
Swirls with sparkles
Of the Sun
Consuming One
Last time
Our words
by Firefalls
of Fire
Burning books
Time — Our words

2020 American Place Poems

Night B4 Christmas

We used to spend
A lot of time
At Christmas

Making magic
In the dark
Behind the curtain

From whole carrots
Left for reindeer
Turned to shredded Peels

The half drunk
Milk and a belly
Full of cookies

I didn’t need
To eat to
The secrets revealed

In the morning
When they wake to
Find “Santa Came!”

Guest Writers

“Christmas Tears” by Jim Sutherlin

This cannot be understood unless the degree

of sibling rivalry between Louise and Jimmy

is also understood.

But that is another item discussed elsewhere.

Christmas morning.

Presents opened.

Floor littered.

Santa had arrived and just the right presents were

now being enjoyed.

Louise had a perfectly pretty doll she adored.

Jimmy had a six-shooter pistol with holster and belt.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Running through the house shooting everything in sight.

Cap smoke and smell filled the air.

“Jimmy! Get on your coat and take that outside,”

Mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Get out of here,” Louise echoed from the living room.

That sounded like a good idea to Jimmy.

Outside meant more targets imagined or real.

After Christmas dinner and because of the early awakening,

Jimmy fell asleep.

But no sooner had his eyes popped open again

than he was up looking for his pistol, holster and belt.

Search as his might they were nowhere in sight.


He must have left them outside.

The search continued and they were outside for sure.

Belt and holster were tossed aside.

The pistol was smashed to smithereens

between two bricks!

Weeping and wailing, he ran to the house and

told Dad what had happened.

Louise went into hiding in the darkest corner

she could find.

But Dad found her.

And with her doll in hand and her hand

reluctantly in Dad’s hand the scene of the crime was revisited.

Justice would be done.

The pretty doll was then laid on one brick

and Louise was made to bash it to pieces with the other one.

Pieces of broken pistol littered the ground

joined by pieces of broken doll.

Tears kept on streaming to the ground from Jimmy’s cheeks

soon to be mixed with even more tears

as Louise joined the chorus of weeping and wailing.

The two kids were too young to think

of anything or anyone else.

But if someone else had been there to notice,

the bitterest Christmas tears that day

were in Dad’s eyes.

2020 American Place Poems

Winter’s Day

Winter is here
If you
Live someplace cold

Cold is here
Muffin tops
Made of glass

Glass window
In fog
With Christmas colors

Colors everywhere
This time of year
A light
To bring you
Through the dark winter night

2020 Bird Song Poems Winter


3 Robins
in a bush

Murder of Crows
On the roof

In search
Of water

In search
Of food



2020 Poems

Hypnic Jerk

You fall (asleep);
You call
“My Rings”
You sit straight up
And do the
Hypnic Jerk

The floor gone
An elevator on
With only one

You flail
And crick your neck
Wiplash as
You do the
Hypnic Jerk

Sure you’ll die
You fall awake
Strain at the ache
Of sudden

You object and
Represent the 70%
Who do the
Hypnic Jerk