2021 American Place Bird Song New Mexico Poems Road Less Travelled

Last Hoorah

One last hoorah
Before The Spirit of Summer
Succumbs to the seriousness
Of Education and Work
That signals the American
Tradition of Fall
That seems to come earlier
And earlier each year
As administrative minds
Decide for the masses
That the excess of
Time and energy is the
Corruption of Mind and Learning —
So into the woods we’ve run
With cedar and river
And Freedom and Fun
To learn the bird’s songs
One last time and throw
Our poles to lure one last
Meal from the waters
The lessons of the wild
Provide the mild mind
With relaxation and realization
That a simpler life may be
Required to grasp the enlightenment
That a generation sought there
Generations back as they fought
To find what lacked in their daily life.

2021 American Place Bird Song New Mexico Poems

The chase is on

The Blackbirds chase the Raven
Three or four at a time
They push him away
From their demesne.
Keep their eggs safe and sound
“Chuck, chuck, chip, chip”
These Blackbirds sing
“That charred crow is back
For our nest he is looking
Away, Away, Away” we follow him
up into the sky
“Go back, Go back
From Where you came
And stay away, stay away from my
Brood in the bushes
No breakfast for your kind
Belie your wishes
Away, Away!
Away sly raven
To some other nest
you fly with abandon!”

2021 American Place Bird Song New Mexico Poems

Eagle’s Nest

Grackles and Crows
Cackle and call
Filling the morning with their chatter
Does it matter that I’m here?
Not to them, they do not care
About the comings and going of this

They don’t plan
Except for their next
Or where to nest
for their love

And when the crows
Do interfere
These Grackles
Chase them out of here
Then go back to minding
Not a thing
About me
Who listens most intently
To the songs
And calls
Of all things

From the prairie dogs bark
To the red-winged black bird
And the horned lark

2021 Ars Poetica Bird Song Poems

“Not to copy nature” says WCW

Is it true
What WCW
Says about nature?

That to copy
It is

Is it shameful
To replicate
The bird’s song?

A perfect
Rhythm that
Dances along

And for generations
Has embellished
Their species

Is it imitation
You are after
To emulate not replicate?

I thought you
Were the

Seeking after
The Laureate
Admiration of your fellows?

If not a
Song writer
You seek to be?

Then how much
Trouble really
Is the song that’s Free?

Straight from the Sparrow’s mouth
It carries through the morning
And out unto the world

Awaiting your lyrical definition
No need to mention
That your tune

Came from the trees
Or just how soon
Its origins fade from memory?

No, not me
I am thankful for
The songs of nature

I’ll copy more of
Those perfect beats
Laid cross the morning dews

They speak to you
You know
They do

So carry their tune
With you
Across the page

For one day
When you’re old and played
You will thank them for the music that they gave unto you!

2021 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Poems

Won’t Run From Love

Sly, daring, road running
Time of Love, not quite spring
But the waning days of winter sing
Of the promise — A Whisper
Of the returning season
Of raising a new generation
Of cunning birds…
This one with Lizard in mouth
An offering for his devote
Lifemate and lover.
In the road they dance
And show that they have
No patience for the changing clime
Rare to take flight, in pursuit he might
Soar from rooftop to rooftop.
With coos, clicks and beeps
He woos his sweet and as we pass
They pay no mind to our kind.

2021 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Poems

Golden Boughs

The trees acknowledge me
Nodding their heads
In the breeze

Contrasted pillars
Of black and white
Glowing golden

Packed full of
Black birds
Suddenly silent

Then bursting away
In a tightly packed
School of flight

Growing calls
Of the animals
Preparing for the night

Herons tall
And purple
Pecking their evening meal

As little perfection
Can be found in this world
This moment, one–

Lifts my spirit and
Makes me bound
Giddy as a child called to home.

2021 Bird Song Poems

How Many Crows?

What makes
A lot of Crows
A Murder?

Or so
That’s for sure

They’ve come
For the nuts
And some water

Their coats
Shining black
Night-sky pure

2021 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Poems


Crow, Crow

Crow, Crow

Some in the garden
Some on the roof

Crow, crow

2020 Bird Song Poems Winter


3 Robins
in a bush

Murder of Crows
On the roof

In search
Of water

In search
Of food



2020 American Place Bird Song New Mexico Poems

Dead on Arrival

Migratory Birds
Dying by the 1000s
Western Wood Pewee
Fly Catchers
Stumbling dumbly
Into the streets
Hit by cars
Out of
Trees 🌳
Of nutty energy
Not enough fuel to complete
A journey taken too soon…
For fires 🔥 raged
And burned their homes
Smoke fills the air
And burns their lungs
Away away away away
Into the dry desert sun
Only to keel over
Mid-way through their run
It’s not the apocalypse
Yet, one might blame…the devil
Climate change with dead bird denial!