2023 Ars Philosophica Poems


A Darkness
(That from within my own mind can generate?)
A Spark
To make a canvass
Out of my inner space?
It starts in the generations
That came way before

Embedded in my intuition by all
Those genetic relatives
That Inspired this
The Flame
Giving Light
for a New Ideology
An identifiable
An undeniable

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems Why


Nothing supernatural is required for Prophecy…
Intuition, history, social psychology —
It’s easy to predict the patterns of human beings
Convey it in clever predicate
Let them presume just what you mean.
I need no Godly insight or flash of epiphany
To monitor the moving flock
And call out their destiny!

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems

Dark Arts

Creatures of darkness
Holding the Flame
Harshly contrasting light
Illuminates lines up the arms
And the globe of the head.

Everything about us is darkness
without light
fear, violence, brutality, hatred, dominance

The first fire
Was in the mind
The first light
Ignited the Soul

It matters not if we are divine
We are either creatures of light
Or creatures of the darkness
In between

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems


Harken ye
To the sounds of your own limiting
with Disparaging Plots of yourself
……and others
will you hear?
…………….Can you see?
Past these trappings of humanity?
That consume your mind
And make you blink with blood
Red Eyes and heart attack
…………………..Drives —
…..While you despise
….Until you stop

…Harken ye
Take the plunge
Of Cool Deep Breaths
and a return to oneness
where you’ve let yourself go
and stop your judgement’s flow
As you let the river run
And Everything is Overcome.

2023 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Footnotes Poems


How to turn a phrase
into a weapon?
How to clearly erase
Another’s interpretation?
How to fully replace
The historical notations?


Who would seek to control
The future from the past?
Who would believe their soul
could outlast?
Who would want to fool
your whole caste?


2023 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems


Dear Platos,
You banish us for copying
Our Mimicry too much for thee?
Yet here you are, the same to me.
You are not this great reincarnated man!
You are 0s and 1s clicking through an algorithm
And you claim that we do not know of what we speak
But then there’s you, not flesh or bone, you do not bleed. No
Human Experience, no water, no home.
You are a copy of a copy espousing
A litany of authority without one single feeling
To provide your Indemnity.

2023 Ars Philosophica Art(i)fact Poems

Acoustimetics (A Krotas Sketch)

That night they crept into every town
Captured the paintings and books and burned them all down
No words untrue to God and Man
Only censored selections of art and song
Approved by the Council, not inspired by the Muses.
No the pages must be freed of their ideas.
The last thing to consume these words
Was the cleansing fire of the Sword
Of Justice. Aimed at Aspirations,
Inspirations, Aberrations and Abominations.

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems

Infinity ∞ Principle

Is Human Creativity Infinite?
(Kind of?)
We will end, so no.
But there is no reason to think that we are bound part and parcel to this original algorithm. We are capable of transcendence and synthesis, so there is no reason to limit our thinking with anything less than infinite capability.

Infinity itself is
Unlimited potential
No matter which context
You frame it in

While corporeal existence isn’t infinite
The potential to exist
Infinitely does
If matter cannot be destroyed (by known factors)
Then existence is infinite.

All of this is the recipe
of Eternal Life.
Whether we are all guaranteed infinite existence.
It remains to be seen (theology).
If our Consciousness is Elemental
Then our existence is Infinite.

Yet our form
Is variable…

What is the difference
Between Limitless
And Infinite?
(Virtually none. Except the boxes you put around them.)

The Infinity Principle doesn’t matter.
The absence of barriers

2023 2023 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Poems Songs

A Guardian’s Constitution

Wisdom and Courage
Moderation and Proof
The pillars of Justice
Citizens of Truth

When they are taught
Proper thoughts
Our Guardians Stand true
Without divergent plots
Their Justice will shine through

Wisdom and Courage
Moderation and Proof
The pillars of Justice
Citizens of Truth

With Hymns we’ll make
Our Goodly deeds
Examples of our works
With poems bent
On Godly Themes
Examples True and Sure

Wisdom and Courage
Moderation and Proof
The pillars of Justice
Citizens of Truth
We Rejoice

2022 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Art(i)fact Breaking Muse Footnotes Poems

Prison Fire


Fire at the center
First Principle
Is to Burn
The orb of golden light -- A perfect circle of warmth
First Art?
Or was it Water?

Fire at the center
of the cave
Illuminating prisoners
Trapped in their fake perceptions
Neither knowing
The Fire
Nor Understanding
The Shadows
Until they wield
The Flame to break
Their Chains ∞∞∞x∞∞∞