2020 American Place Ars Poetica Poems

Ink Think

The only one
who thinks in poetry
is seemingly me.


Perhaps it’s you
who thinks
in broken lines,
metaphors and ink.

But to the rest
I must plainly digress
into lyric rust

For on the shelf
These prisoners ||\|||\
must sit
until they’re unhinged \_/

Or read aloud
to a half-listening crowd

2020 American Place Ars Poetica Poems

WCW (Metercratic Oath)

Got it right, got it right
William Carlos Williams
Got it right

The trick is in the meter
solid rhythm, perfect beat
Well balanced measure

Pluck the string elegan’ly
Don’t forget the tercet
A quatrain will suffice

Just keep it in just meter
Or the critics will complain
That you have made no mastery
Of what it is that Williams claimed

Yet me I like my brevity
And dabble in vain rhymes
But The meter,
O the meter
I will take
do no harm.

Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica


Criticism in 2019 is bordering on cruel often seeking to dismantle credibility in the eye of the beholder.

Critical (Analysis) Critiqué (Peer review)

The critic (Siskel and Ebert) is very usually the failed artist. One who knows enough about a form from their own experiments, but orient towards the analysis of said art. I am not saying that I am not open to criticism. Though I prefer to wield it against myself and to question my heroes. I myself a degreed and proper student of literature with an expensive education in letters that is only useful now that I have made a living doing other things. Analysis is perhaps a better word these days. Not so rife with the darkness, our sardonic state of dialogue.

The art of poetry has been dissected, de-constructed, rebuilt, reconstituted, regurgitated, fight over it and derided as unacceptable. I doubt
I offer anything new to its discussion, but I am very interested that poetry not go the way of Latin. I don’t want to practice a dead art.

Ars Poetica

4 Pillars

Think of the
line break
as the natural
flow of your breath.
How does your speech
give cadence?

Ars Poetica 4 Pillars
Clarity | Mystery | Memory | History

2019 Ars Poetica Breaking Muse Poems

Do it

Write me something
Make it quick
Make it quicken
Make it thick
Phat with meaning
Pierce the soul
Get right to it
Start a scroll
Share your story
Tell a tale
Paint a picture
Be angry, yell
Just do it, damnit!
Give us your words
We’ll run the gamut
Beautiful to absurd.
Yes, write me a poem
Write it good, right it bad
Present us with something
Mad, glad or fad.

“Are you done with this?”

American Place Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica


A Place without a People is Speechless.

American Place Ars Poetica Breaking Muse Footnotes Why

Command and Conquer

As I have been going through my recent practice and development of form, you will see a recurring capture of language. To some it may sound like I have some love for the cliche. But, I am drawing from William Carlos Williams here. I want to document the language. Capture the most common and local forms of reference. In my case that’s a southwestern mashup of red neck American English and Mexican Spanish.
I assure you it is intentional and if it’s off putting, good. Then, I’ve got your attention. Place without people is speechless.

2019 Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Poems

You Don’t Say

Clip, clip
Snip, snip
“Don’t say that”

Stop, stop
“Cut the crap”

On lips
One slip
Could reveal me

Know? No!
Say so
Better, not free

Hide, hide
Words words
“That’s a wrap.”

Can’t say
Lingual mind trap

Say we
Do, well
Then we’re through:

“I’ve heard just about
enough from you!”

2019 Ars Poetica Breaking Muse Footnotes Poems Why

A poem

A poem
Is a feast for strangers
From the future
A poet is a fortune teller
From the present
Seemingly prescient
Presently misunderstood.

Ars Philosophica Ars Poetica Footnotes Why

Notes on my experiments around Place

I am starting down a series of paths to discover what this “thing” is that we refer to as “place”.
Experiment 1st draft – The Show Must Go On

I want to follow a series of poems on 1 PLACE down a structured path of revelation. 1. Place vacant objectified, absent of human interaction. 2. Place historical description of a place as used in history. 3. Place present place as it is used today. Modern representation. 4. Place potential a place can be or become something different. What comes about in a place during a music performance is dramatically different than if it were a theatrical performance. A place can be transformed and transformative.