Some experiments Standing near Mirror Lake, myself part of nature… BROKEN! By a stone. Face sheered off in time, Her tall body arching o’er Me. Shouting “Hello!” Art Deco stole it’s Design from a Zinnia! Scallop eggshell domes. “Twitter” Perhaps a haiku / but unnatural the tweet / Broken! The syntax.

No sense of it

A place Is a place with or without You There In That Place. But, without you Un-real- ized This Place. We can not leave this place alone or it will not Be A Place As a place with A person Becomes Real, As real gets For then it is seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting or […]

Observer of a New Light Across American Landscapes

We enter Asking for your attention The town crier Speaking of the here And the now Present for this expression Of the hearing Spoken in clear and present tense The words of the people So that they may be heard: What they say— How they say— That we may say about them And this place; […]