American Place Arizona Colorado New Mexico

He who is against me all of the time (1st draft)

Comanche – So the say
“Kohmats” more particularly
Best to make friends
Or be of great use
Otherwise, against, you’ll suffer abuse
Death, torture and rape
No greater friend than
The new minted Mustang
Emblazoned brand
Of the great plains band
Who had many foes
But knows no competition —
Save to better
Fort soldiers in gambling
Games of attrition
Yet, bent around
Their horses necks
They were unrivaled at
who they could best
with brutal speed
and unyielding will
few enemies escaped
their thirst to kill
and take the scalp
children and mounts
and of your women
have their fill…

2020 American Place Arizona Poems

Turn the page

Is there a place
In your mind
Where you can run?

A happy place
Of belonging
— the sound of a song

It’s warm here
This perfect moment
I can hear it carry

My heart
Into a nostalgia
A moment of sharing

Yet when I’m here
Its presence leaves
My soul longing

Melancholy surrender
To the past
Give way to New Dawning’s

The music keeps

Turn the page!

2019 American Place Arizona Poems

Bell Rock

Are dumb
And I was one
Who stood upon
A red rock ledge
At the top of the bell
Where it all went to hell
While I almost fell to my death
As the couple sunbathed on the spire
Below us. — Bandana over foot, iron spike
And a couple friends spared my corpse
from too much youthful ambition.

2019 American Place Arizona Garden Psalms Poems


When we
were out
on desert snow

Up top
our fair
equestr’an mounts

We saw
A lone
Ghostly Mustang

the hill.
Whiplashing mane


Like snow
It flows
flurry over muscle

Watch’d us
ride by
then off
with a stride

Chasing after Freedom

2019 American Place Arizona Breaking Muse Garden Psalms Poems

Finger Thunder

Finger Thunder
Lightning-rod tremolo
Crack of rosewood ripped
From the smooth
glossy finish
of the Semple
Stringy vibrato
Struck by perfect nail
Out of control
Of structure
Rolling into
The beautiful
Rhythms of
Desert whispers