2021 Garden Psalms Poems

Deep thoughts

Spring flowers bloom
Bright and buoyant
A sea of shimmering potential
Then the unbridled sun
Beats upon them like a drum
Until they are withered dry
And drooping down
Faded colors, petals falling
A return to soil as
The seeds are calling
To be carried into some
Future spring.
When you get disheartened
Breaking down
–Feel forgotten
Know that the circle
Always turns round again
And the things that you lost
You may again come across
As you complete
This rotation
Around the sun.

2021 American Place Garden Psalms Poems Utah


The Land of Edward Abbey
The Land of Desert Solitaire
The Land that inspired
An entire conservation movement.
The Land of the Black Widow
The Coyote and the Rattlesnake
Where Mountain Lions used to roam before they were banished from their home by the development from which The Park was developed to protect.
The Land of Red Sand and Slick Rock where if you walk long enough
You will be rewarded with Vistas that thwart adjectives of all sorts to describe this incommunicable beauty.
This Land where stones fall away to make the objects of your day’s
Pursuit across this waterless garden.
The Land that draws so many
Out of their homes; out of their cities
To reunite their families and populate their Snapchat feeds.
This Land that calls the human spirit to bear this Heat and push their limits to be inspired by This Land
And renew this desire for protection
So that generation after generation
May review and renew This Land until the rains make something new of This Land!

2021 Garden Psalms Poems

I Love You

These words don’t suffice
For the depths of their meaning
So deep, an azure pool
Sky blue at the top
Navy in the middle
And a pitch blackness
Where no light can penetrate
Save the thought of you!
For true depth is darkness
And true love is the
Light that shines on
In your mind when
All else is dark.
That beacon that carries
You through darker moments,
Lonely nights and terrible possibilities
For even as we talk about
The “depth” of something
We rarely break down
What “deep” represents.
Like deep in the ground where
Well-springs hold dark waters
That once coaxed to the surface
Brings thirst-quenching Life!
Is the depth of my soul
A dark place as well?
It can’t be — For You are
The Light at the center of my Spirit
¡My Love!

2020 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms Poems

Don’t Be Late

An orderly disarray —
Recorder singing
Up and down the scale
While the flowers
Of Autumn dance
In the light breeze.
And daisies
Orange marigolds
Red dew cups
Full of bees knees
Tomato, basil
Garlic Please!
Small leaves
Of chard to
Be tossed with
The lard of
A beautiful bacon butt.

Don’t be late for breakfast!

2020 Garden Psalms Poems


So much potential
Sewn up in the soil
A spring menagerie
Ready to burst
First green
Then yellow
Flaming orange
And of course
Fuchsia flowers
Pour out like
Bundles of Grapes from
Harvest baskets
And the promise
Of the feast
That awaits us
At summer’s

2020 Ars Philosophica Garden Psalms Poems Six Pack

Do you need a refill?

I sit with pen
Open Third Eye
Let go this “my”
And let loose
My mind
From pre-meditated
Lose the I
Let go desires
Open up your ears
To the rhythm
And pace
That surrounds you
As it goes about
Its own business
Pays you
No thought —
Begins with
You must empty
The chalice
To receive new

2020 American Place Garden Psalms Poems

Sorry Mom

To our mother,
We must most humbly apologize

We have been bad children. You have provided for us all these good years.

And, we have torn up the
backyard, dug up or
Cut down all the trees;
Stripped out all the copper
Wiring in the house and
Took a crap on your dinner
Table. We’re sorry…hopefully
Our children will treat you better.

PS – Hey, I’m glad at least
One of us is recovering
From the Coronavirus.

2020 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Bird Bath

Mr. Robins
Takes a bath
He’s not concerned with math
Except perhaps
To count their eggs
Or later how many mouths they’ve fed
But today he’s just getting clean
A deep splash
And shake
Sending water splattering
He takes this
“Bird bath”
He pays no mind to you and me.

Not until the dog comes out
Does Mr. Robins
Give a shout
No, now that he
Is clean all through
Fly to the nest’s
Alls left to do.

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

Let the critics complain

Nothing new

These birds

This attempt
At some-
thing true

Doesn’t mean
I’ll stop it

Doesn’t mean
You cared

These birds
And this poet

You’ve rarely
Even heard

But, the song
the song
the song carries on

Even when you
Don’t listen

(In your mind)

2020 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Fireworks in April

The geraniums
I brought in to
Stave off frosted night

Red and white
Bursting in the morning light