1996 Poems

 An Ode to Pithy Poesy

(A Keatsian Formatic)


Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Keats — Blake, Wordsworth, Whitman, Shelley, Byron, Yeats & Williams;
more whom I may not name here,
Have created a creature beyond Plot, Setting, Scene, or Character. Illuminate, These great ones do, that which is past this tier
Of Human understanding & take us
To ancient realms, where Pithy Poesy rules
The words & truths that are the essences
Of Inspiration: The ‘Prolific Schools.’

In this summer, our bounty breeds delight
Full of thoughtful thoughts which wild wisdom breeds.
With concentrated contemplations we
Shall resolve to evolve, finding the right
Means & Methods in everything we read;
For Pithy Poetry provides Suns to see
In and beyond our shadows of a thought.
That blind & enlighten our ev’ryday’s
Search for Truths, which some have found, but few sought.
“Prolific Poesy show us newer ways!”

It does respond, this Mythic Immortal,
Who thrives in pages by Sages who’ve tried
To tame that beast of Thought, which rages on,
Inside their minds defying ritual,
For when it strikes no Muse can turn aside
These willful words which shall prevail anon.
The call is heard, from mindful men who speak,
By this Creature of their creation, who
In reply gives voice to that which they seek
And offers Time to words which we hold true.

O, pithy Poesy, Praises shall be sung
To thee that is the essence of out hearts
for you tell us of Wisdom Truth & Right.
It is through you that the passionate young
find their rhymes of Love. Your meanings can start
Pure Wars, and fan the flames for a Just Fight,
Where Freedom frees Spirits for the pursuits
Of Love & Peace, so we may grow fruits
For proliferating purity, and
Once again reap from a civilized land.