2019 American Place Colorado Poems

Fresh Snow

Shrill, shrieking screams
Cold. Violent. Chilling
to hear in the distance
A sharp thud and another
and a scream and more
yelling I can’t understand…

As gentle flakes drift
and sway in the silent wind

A murder
of crows caw and bolt
into flight as the next
wail splits the silence.

Round white globes volley
back and forth
another thud
another scream
as I approach.

Fresh snow, two hands
A shocking cold spray of
force and wet hits your
cheek and sticks
to your glasses.

“Hey, no fair! I said not in the face.”

2019 American Place Colorado Poems

Snow and Coal

A dark cloud rolls
O’er the town
Backlit by street lamps
Burning the midnight oil

As herds of children
In their ‘jams
Drag “experiential” parents
To the steam engine’s boil

For ‘cross this frosty
Little town
Large groups of people
Can be found

Searching for the next Express

Into a time they step
Back in line to board
The old coal and steel
From rail to tail first
Cold winter’s night

They experience the past
As if it were real
And Christmas wishes turn kisses
Into hot chocolate dreams. Awake
They return
Glowing with the magic of the season!