2024 Albuquerque American Place


So, It Begins!
So, You Commence
— A Life
of your making —
— Decisions of your choosing —

The long hike
to the summit
So, that you may stand
and see the vistas
of your Independence!

that even when we
are not walking with you…

May we be
the shoes that support you
may we comfort your steps
and offer solid footing

May we be
the staff
that guides you,
carries the burden,
offers a moment of rest
among steep grounds

May we be
your basecamp
where you re-supply
and sleep before
the next ascension

No matter
where you tread
In Body
Mind and
We are with You
Beaming with Pride
and Hopeful
For the Man
That you have

2024 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems Poems of a Nature

Slow and Steady

The Snow
Falling through
The Air
Low Clouds hanging near

Warmer here
Than when the wind howls
Across a stark Blue Sky

Calm out here
On The Trail
Revealed Only by the
Running ahead of me
By the new Falling
Easy to lose your way
When a white blanket
Softens every inch
Of The Foothills

Acuity Clear
As the miles
Cure Anxieties
Of a week hard trodden
No truer sense of Purpose
Than keeping one foot
Steady in front of
The Other.

2023 American Place Jemez LOVE Poems Poems of a Nature

Impressions of Jemez – The Chariot, The Lovers

Warm healing waters

…………Reeds and Grasses
Mountain crevices, white caps of white rock

My Love, Lovely
………..Lady, Blue Eyes
Aquamarine pools

Thatched roof
Smooth calcified

The light smell of sulfur

Curved pools
soft……sharp Mountains
……………..In Love
River’s Center
……Cool breeze
My Lady
…..and me….Lost
In the Longest

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems


A Darkness
(That from within my own mind can generate?)
A Spark
To make a canvass
Out of my inner space?
It starts in the generations
That came way before

Embedded in my intuition by all
Those genetic relatives
That Inspired this
The Flame
Giving Light
for a New Ideology
An identifiable
An undeniable

2023 Poems Why

What plan?

What is THE LIFE I want to lead?
What am I willing to sacrifice
Just to be
This fictionalized vision
(of myself) that no one else accepts?

Do I give up what I have, so I can fit?
My Triangle Peg
Into a Round World?
Where I’m misunderstood by almost 1/3?
The rest of me is lost
In the atmospheric swirl?

So, I don’t know, if I even could create
THIS MAN who I’ve made up.
Who is supposed to be
(who will never exist)
So, I need to understand
Before I come to THE END…
Just what it is I want?
Just what is the plan?

2023 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems

for CH

I wish that I
………………could find something to say…
A clever story to ease the pain.
……A silly meme
………………to change your mood…
Ah, alas, what to do?
……When we’ve lost another friend!
A legend, a titan, a Gentleman.

What is one to do but
……………….to sit in silence.
Await the guns to fire!
And the trumpets to
……Call the triumph
Of the Heavenly Father
Who welcomes him
And, remember the place
……..In our hearts
……Where his light
……..Has shone!

2023 Poems

Fleeting Lines

These fleeting lines
Disappear before
my mind
Can convey them
to my pen…

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems Why


Nothing supernatural is required for Prophecy…
Intuition, history, social psychology —
It’s easy to predict the patterns of human beings
Convey it in clever predicate
Let them presume just what you mean.
I need no Godly insight or flash of epiphany
To monitor the moving flock
And call out their destiny!

2023 Poems


My little Butterfly
with wings out to soar.
Don’t be afraid to dive
into the mystery where there’s more
to be discovered
once of the Air
You’re Born!
Your beauty and your radiance
Light smiles where e’er
you go.
Your presence is always
Welcomed and your wisdom
helps us grow.
So fly, fly little butterfly
to see the world unseen!
Go soar amongst the flowers
Go dance with
The Beatles and the Bees.

for Gwen

2023 Ars Philosophica Poems

Dark Arts

Creatures of darkness
Holding the Flame
Harshly contrasting light
Illuminates lines up the arms
And the globe of the head.

Everything about us is darkness
without light
fear, violence, brutality, hatred, dominance

The first fire
Was in the mind
The first light
Ignited the Soul

It matters not if we are divine
We are either creatures of light
Or creatures of the darkness
In between