2023 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Bird Song 23

Can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me sing?

Could you, would you, love me?
Care for our offspring?

If you would only have me
I could be complete!

So, this song I sing

For you to find
Me sweet!

2023 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems

Saving Daylight

How will we SAVE
Could we put it in our Jars?
Keep it in your pocket
’til you need another hour.

2023 Albuquerque American Place LOVE New Mexico Poems

21 years to this day

On this day 21 years ago
A girl on the dance floor
Stole my soul

I was a sad and
Drunken old fool
Who perked right up
And wiped off the drool
From my Roger Rabbit mouth,
Popped-eye observation of this
most magnificent creature.

I walked right up to her
And started to dance
I wouldn’t take “No”
So, began our romance
With kisses in the parking lot
Of that now burned down bar —
I found my True Love
My Brightest Star!

2022 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Old sycamore

The big dry sycamore leaves
Rattle gently in the breeze
Takes me away to a mountain spring
Washing over the stones before the winter’s freezing.
Cold still, moving still.
Her Mace seed-pod ready
To pelt someone’s back or really
Break up down your sister’s shirt
The itch bomb makes you take a Shower.
Mighty and tall the Sycamore
With broad leaves and a broad stance
An Autumn beauty who loves the dance.

2022 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms LOVE New Mexico Poems

My Loyal Friend (An Elegy for Cleopatra)

You can die
Of a broken heart!
It’s well documented.
And when you lose something
Dear to you…
You understand, you feel it
In your chest
I lost a friend today, and
I’ve said goodbye to pets before.
(A number of cats including Riley & Jade
A few chickens including Happy & Perey
And of course Cleo’s friend Kato.)
This was Cleopatra
Princess of the Desert,
Majestic Tiger Stripes
On soft, long mane.
One Bold Blue Eye
One of Cinnamon,
Eventually clouded orbs
Blinded by the Diabetes
That made her insulin-dependent
As she defied the odds.
Her broad shoulders
And thick skull from the
Bull Mastiff, should have
Made her life much shorter.
But, when you are so truly loved
You go on for so much longer
Than you should have even tried.
You, so loyal, you just
Stayed right by my side.

My first real business partner
And shift manager.
She led our house of muts
And herded all the chickens.
She protected our children
And gave them so many walks.
She ruined 3 of our lawns
1 from running as a puppy
2 for I don’t know why
I kept tryin’, maybe
Because of all the fun
She had playin’, rollin’ & fetchin’.
“Man’s” (Mom’s) Best Friend is not enough.
Your friends may come and go, but
Your dog is always next to you
And their love for you they always show.

RIP 2008-2022

Cleopatra (Cleo) Jones Sutherlin

Albuquerque American Place Breaking Muse New Mexico Oklahoma Poems

Octogenarian Jim

80 Years – 3 generations at least…
If you were a Wolf, you’d be a 13-year-old beast
The inner-child released
Like a bouquet of fine wine
Best to let rest before you enjoy your time.

That red-headed son, a real firecracker
Running little Jimmy, a Pistol
Out to catch up with his sister
When he finds her his intent crystal
Clearly the ornery one, out to out gun.
His movements through the seasons
Driven. His care for his fellows apparent.
His love for his wife adorent.

In tumultuous times, much like today,
Steered his family thorough the bounty of hate
As equality was questioned.He taught everyone who’d listen
About the Love that Jesus has given.
And in turn created loving families
For his children and their offspring.

But the best parts of life
Come with fiddle and fife
As we get older and are no longer
Looking over our shoulder
Angry, tired and worked too hard
Missing the subtleties of life when on guard.

Now the belly chuckles abound
As Grandfather laughs and stirs up a crowd.
Now our joyful lives are lived
Knowing that we gave her all we had to give.
Now this old man that I know
Is full of love and always shows
Us how important it is to live in the light
To love and cherish each other through the night.
And as we grow older together
We must share the Love (so that we live forever!)

2022 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems


Matte and
Ready to
Yet slow
And deliberate
Pollen trace
And fur
A Drone

2022 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Shovel, Shovel

Shovel, Shovel
Long and Lean

“Why in the ground of The Garden
Are you buried?”

“To keep The Puppy
From digging up Pere*.
I must dig in and guard the grave
As the Morning Glories climb up
And the Sunflowers bloom above.
I must stand vigil
Until the worms are through
And then I can go back to being
A shovel too…”

*Peregrine was our oldest chicken
2022 Albuquerque American Place LOVE Poems

They Are The River

The River’s Genesis
Comes from the tears of the gods
Crying with Joy
At the birth of her power!
She will change everything she touches.
Men will bow and beg to drink from her.
Villages spring up everywhere
She returns to fill the valley.
She is the great changer
of Mountains and molehills.
Takes the
Shape that
Suits Her
She disappears when conditions aren’t in her favor.
She is fierce
And will swell with deadly force
When threatened. She accepts the form
Of the vessels that bring her calm.
She is
She is transforming.
She is Beautiful!
Just like you.

2022 Albuquerque American Place Bird Song Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

“Oh, no.”

Two Hawks
Above my Head
Little Robin
Giving chase
Screaming with dread!
“Why is it
You are crying
My darling little hen?”