2020 Breaking Muse Poems Six Pack

Wild Horses

The sign
It says
“Please stay at Home”

Forget your car
Forget your bones

In their closets
They must stay

All your ambition’s
(Fears) —put away

At least for now
At least today…


This first time directive
We can collectively recall
To just do nothing
To sit in our stalls

But these American
Mustangs are getting

We like to roam
We like it breathless

We just don’t know just what to do
When we’re told to stay home
Until this is through

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

Let the critics complain

Nothing new

These birds

This attempt
At some-
thing true

Doesn’t mean
I’ll stop it

Doesn’t mean
You cared

These birds
And this poet

You’ve rarely
Even heard

But, the song
the song
the song carries on

Even when you
Don’t listen

(In your mind)

2020 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Fireworks in April

The geraniums
I brought in to
Stave off frosted night

Red and white
Bursting in the morning light

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems Shapes

Seeds in captivity

2020 Garden Psalms Poems

Say my name

A common incantation
For better and for worse

A common name —in any
Country, often it can be heard

For so many named their children
After that man from Galilee

As if to predetermine
What good people they could be

Of these fishes and birds he speaks
Comes this lesson for you and me

Be fruitful and do multiply
Sing songs from the tops of the trees

This life is so certainly short
When stacked up to eternity

So waste not time on petty things
Give to the sick, the poor, the needy

If you, yourself are not hungry
Then for someone else do something more

For in the end, when you’ve nothing left
Your deeds will open your last door…

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

Angry birds (The Easter Chicken)

I’m not sure
How these rabbits
Crept in

Off with all
The eggs that
We’ve been makin’

Double time
Easter Day

If in time
We are
To lay

And as
for that
Primordial question

There is
no doubt
It was the chicken

—she works hard everyday
to make that egg
that you just ate

Now to
these rabbits
On Easter Day

Now to the pot
Let stew
Be made

As for us
We are happy to stay

Out in
The yard
To continue to lay

2020 Ars Philosophica Poems Six Pack

You Name It

Must we put a name to it?
Must we give it meaning?

The Devil, Demons, The Angel of Death
What you call IT is revealing—

Angst, grief, tension, stress
So many names that I digress

For I do not believe
The language is right

To describe endless terror
“The Things” that cause fright

Primordial Fear
Feels a lot more than
It comes from a place before
Comforting verse

No, you don’t need a name
For the unending dread

We all share the same
That Fear’
— Being Dead —

With deeper meanings our
Redemption calls

Forgive ourselves, forgive
Our foes
All these things that we
Never controlled

Each thing that dies
Gives room for birth

Our brave renewal is
Not a curse

Though it may hurt
To feel this loss

A new beginning turns
Back the frost
And gives way to spring
Which brings
Everything we

2020 Albuquerque American Place Garden Psalms Poems Six Pack

if the moon can see my fire

Can the moon see my fire
As it passes over head
Both alight my night
And stave off the dread
Of all those things out
In the the darkness of all
Those things we cannot see
But if the moon can see my fire
I’ll spend the night outwardly

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

More songs, No words

The power of words

If birds
Had words
Would their songs be more convincing?

Or would Love be lost
Too much meaning
The cost

Leaving one
Daft and

No, better
The bird
With more songs and no words

Just as rich
And prolific
Through the ages

What creations
Will we bring
When we’re left just to sing…

The poet
These words
These pages.

2020 Bird Song Garden Psalms Poems

Mr. Robins

Robin with
Your orange
You seem more
Than a bit
Overdressed for
Breakfast at
The Garden Club

As your mate
Waits on
The gate
You search
For a morsel
More. And
You share
What’s there
With your