No sense of it

A place
Is a place
with or without
In That Place.
without you
We can not
leave this
place alone
or it will not
A Place
As a place
A person
Real, As
real gets
For then
it is seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting
or otherwise, known!


I am interested in place as place, a single objectified reality that is changed only by subjective interactions with it. This as a separate pursuit of the human experience that is influenced by place which is history and human presence objectified.

The park
Neon and forest green
Rolling blend of Kentucky blue
Clover and dandy lions
Shaded by old line of elms

The park
Neon yellow and navy
Zipping children chasing and surging
Tearing out clumps of Kentucky blue
In pursuit of glory

You can have a place
And use it too.

Emotional Predicate

To capture being

As we are not things

As “things” go

Us Being

That Is          or shall I say

I Am

No thing

So this is where it gets confusing, you see

So often we write of things, describing things, filling empty pages with empty rooms, filling them with words about things to fill whole rooms. But, then enters the main character and that’s when it goes to hell because lead role players are always such emotional beings so it’s tough to say where it will all go and what will set them off so the room fills with emotional predicate.

Observer of a New Light Across American Landscapes

We enter
Asking for your attention
The town crier
Speaking of the here
And the now
Present for this expression
Of the hearing
Spoken in clear and present tense
The words of the people
So that they may be heard:
What they say—
How they say—
That we may say about them
And this place; The good
And bad and in-between places
That people go to become their
Very own demonstration of their Human
Being. We are here to write it down.


We sit and eat
And stare at
The paintings
On the wall
Across the
They don’t
Really represent
What they
Look like.
Off, eyes
Too small
For large
Black heads
Dog and cat,
Couch of
Snake and fish,
Blue iguana.
Staring contest
w/ the cartoon
Crew across
The wall
From them.
Animal clinic.
Is in.