2021 American Place Hawaii Poems


No one would ever guess
How many years you have spent
Making this world a better place
3.2 Generations, 8 Decades
3 Children, Now 5…4 Grandchildren
Now grown, who would have known
That this beauty of indeterminable age
Is as wise as a sage
With so many years under her scarf
You can not count them like the larks
Whose happy songs fill the morning air!
And oh, she sings with a voice as sweet
As honeysuckle dew pulled from
Flowery trumpets and rejoices like
A chorus of morning birds who
Awaken the spirit as the golden light
Opens upon a new day. This day,
29,200 days since your birth
Into a world just shaken days before by the
Bombs of Pearl Harbor and the tides of war
To this day where we climb
Up green hills of Waimea and
Celebrate Hawaiian Adventures among the canyons.
To this day where we celebrate you,
Judy Su. Our matron, our mother, our grandmother.
Originator of our generation – Impetus of our growth
Nurturer of tearful eyes and bloodied knees
Who cared and repaired and brought us back to our feet
So that the adventure could go on and
We could be made strong to face the world
That is brightened by your presence
As we enjoy the sunset and listen to the waves
Bringing in the hopes of a new day.

By Makar

Stephen Sutherlin is a designer, poet and musician. He writes poetry about life in the southwest and enjoys metrical lyricism.

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