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Notes on my experiments around Place

I am starting down a series of paths to discover what this “thing” is that we refer to as “place”.
Experiment 1st draft – The Show Must Go On

I want to follow a series of poems on 1 PLACE down a structured path of revelation. 1. Place vacant objectified, absent of human interaction. 2. Place historical description of a place as used in history. 3. Place present place as it is used today. Modern representation. 4. Place potential a place can be or become something different. What comes about in a place during a music performance is dramatically different than if it were a theatrical performance. A place can be transformed and transformative.
Place is a place with or without you. While not “real”, real place is only a place of the senses. Once you abstract human interaction from a place, how do you continue to describe it? This becomes the literary challenge. Can a place even be interesting without humans In It. A space craft, no longer broadcasting IS, but no longer is it real, realized. We only realize when we perceive, they are interdependent.
The British Empiricists, used perception to try to get at the proof of the existence of God. In the end, they could provide us with no proof. But, like the un-observed space craft, lack of physical contact does not negate physical existence or existence beyond our physical understanding. It just means, we are vain and so focused on our own existence that we cannot allow for things to exist that we can not “prove”.

No, a tree falling in the woods with no sentient being around to hear it does not make a sound. That requires a perceiver. But, now we know that sounds are actually waves and can be detected by applied technology in our absence. New abilities to perceive the previously indiscernible lead to new insights. Just ask a quantum mechanics physicist. Existence beyond our perceptions is now incontrovertible if we let go of our narcism long enough to project beyond the “what is real to us”. I am not saying this alone is proof of God, I simply am saying maybe we’re trying to “look” in the wrong “places” or trying to “make” something into the perceivable rather than digging deeper into our own selves. Plato argued that truth could only be real through thorough contemplation. He seems to argue that introspection alone can reveal the truths of the universe, not bound by our perceptions of reality but far deeper into the archetypal fabric of existence.

At the end of the mathematics
Of the Universe, Hawking
Solved for God; the only
Possible solution for
The unsolvable question.

By Makar

Stephen Sutherlin is a designer, poet and musician. He writes poetry about life in the southwest and enjoys metrical lyricism.