2021 Ars Poetica Bird Song Poems

“Not to copy nature” says WCW

Is it true
What WCW
Says about nature?

That to copy
It is

Is it shameful
To replicate
The bird’s song?

A perfect
Rhythm that
Dances along

And for generations
Has embellished
Their species

Is it imitation
You are after
To emulate not replicate?

I thought you
Were the

Seeking after
The Laureate
Admiration of your fellows?

If not a
Song writer
You seek to be?

Then how much
Trouble really
Is the song that’s Free?

Straight from the Sparrow’s mouth
It carries through the morning
And out unto the world

Awaiting your lyrical definition
No need to mention
That your tune

Came from the trees
Or just how soon
Its origins fade from memory?

No, not me
I am thankful for
The songs of nature

I’ll copy more of
Those perfect beats
Laid cross the morning dews

They speak to you
You know
They do

So carry their tune
With you
Across the page

For one day
When you’re old and played
You will thank them for the music that they gave unto you!

By Makar

Stephen Sutherlin is a designer, poet and musician. He writes poetry about life in the southwest and enjoys metrical lyricism.

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