2022 Albuquerque American Place LOVE Poems

They Are The River

The River’s Genesis
Comes from the tears of the gods
Crying with Joy
At the birth of her power!
She will change everything she touches.
Men will bow and beg to drink from her.
Villages spring up everywhere
She returns to fill the valley.
She is the great changer
of Mountains and molehills.
Takes the
Shape that
Suits Her
She disappears when conditions aren’t in her favor.
She is fierce
And will swell with deadly force
When threatened. She accepts the form
Of the vessels that bring her calm.
She is
She is transforming.
She is Beautiful!
Just like you.

By Makar

Stephen Sutherlin is a designer, poet and musician. He writes poetry about life in the southwest and enjoys metrical lyricism.

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