2021 Poems

Take Away

It’s hard to be young
It’s hard to be old
It’s hard to live in a society
–so cold…
It’s hard not to think
{I could end this today}
It’s hard not to blink
And wish it all away
But life is hard
So they say
Dare not to be different
Or you will pay
A suffering price
For your diversions
A block of ice
Instead of compassion
Yet if you were to take away
This colorful light you reflect each day
A river of tears is all that stays
For those who love you still remain
To drown in that river of loss and pain
Taking your life is a selfish play
You accomplish nothing
For nothing will stay
Except the tears of your mother
As they fall on your grave
Better to fight for what you believe
To die in this battle for Love and Meaning

By Makar

Stephen Sutherlin is a designer, poet and musician. He writes poetry about life in the southwest and enjoys metrical lyricism.

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