2020 American Place New Mexico Poems

Footsteps in the past

These heavy feet
Burdened by ghosts
Of my grandfathers

Reminding history
Like wispy shackles
Dragging stowaways

On my ankles
Through my forest trek.
As walking in

Their steps of old
Ice cold conditions
Better gear for me

But me and my
Cold feet must carry
The miles of quiet.

My youngest son
Reminds me that
The 10 miles I

Journeyed were but
One day of 10
Miles for months

For the souls
Who took upon
The Oregon Trail.

I’ll keep my Coffee
Hot and my
Thoughts pastoral

And I will sleep
On my memory-foam

2020 Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems


Fushia on pale blue-green
Umbra to sage, or better yet
— cactus-colored…
The green of the desert floor
Giving way to disease and decay.
A brilliant burning out with one
valiant effort
The bright colors of its
luscious burgundy flower’s
fruit flaring away
like a New Mexico sunset.

2020 American Place Arizona Poems

Turn the page

Is there a place
In your mind
Where you can run?

A happy place
Of belonging
— the sound of a song

It’s warm here
This perfect moment
I can hear it carry

My heart
Into a nostalgia
A moment of sharing

Yet when I’m here
Its presence leaves
My soul longing

Melancholy surrender
To the past
Give way to New Dawning’s

The music keeps

Turn the page!

2020 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems


A place is just a place
Until it is your home
And when you are leaving
All your memories come along

But a place is just a place
When its people are not near
And in this place your place is missed
By those who hold you dear

But a place still holds your place
When you are far from here
It waits to welcome back
Sojourners who can hear

The calling of that place
And those who keep it warm
With memories of communion
Who await with open arms

2020 Albuquerque American Place Breaking Muse Garden Psalms New Mexico Poems

Cold Slice

Southernly winter Sun
Rises slow, casting
Angular shadows sideways
To the north

Cold morning fires burn
A smoky film releasing
Over the city, creeping
Down the valley

As the day progresses
Mountain’s depth revealing
Ridges and crevaces opening
To the warmth

Cold slice of Watermelon

2020 Garden Psalms Poems Shapes

My Heart Is A Circle

Circles are always complete
even if they are bent, shaken
or twisted.

They remain connected even
as gravity pulls at them
and warps them.

No matter how this world spins
and bends and twists us; together,
You and I remain circular.

2020 Ars Poetica Breaking Muse Garden Psalms Poems

Burst Your Bubble

My head, it splits
Like waves on
The barren shore
Bubbling oxygenation
As the brack
Settles into sand
And air escapes
Once again, gurgling
Out of the semi-solid surface.
My inspiration
Captured in bubbles
For brief moments — real!
In the end, a burst
Of emptiness, vapid dreams
Hollow constructions
Radiating energy but
Alas — empty…
These words, all that remain
Of the membrane of H2O
Clinging together desperately,
Delicately capturing a
Breath of life and then
Exhaling it to the world.
Captive for one moment
Before being shared with
Every living thing.
The poem, the word of being.

2020 Ars Poetica Poems

Dementia Moderna

Poetry organizes
This chaos inside
My head
|||/|||| || |||
Around my head
5,000 Ad Impressions
Per diem
Spooks —
Watching me in my head
Everybody’s Judging Me
(This is you…too)
Though I’m swimming through myself
The curtain’s pulled and the
Only Wizard left standing
Is the naked poet, tearing
Down your walls with
Symmetrical condensation
Even if the drops take an
Eternity, they will nourish
The lichen in your mind
And undo your construction
That keeps you from your fellows
And your obligations to your community.

2020 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems


Silent. Snow
On the ground.
No noise.
Not wind.
Not Bird.
Only the
Dropping of water
From the trees.
Large, heavy
Beads hitting
Deep beds
Of white.
Then suddenly
A whole
Cold radiating
From the
Blinding ground
From mid-day sun
Saw blade shadows
From cactus fronds
On the blank canvas.


2020 Albuquerque American Place New Mexico Poems

Look Down

To Ascend
To summit
To take to
The high ground
No shelter here
Only vigilance
Every footfall
An icy opportunity
For mass and gravity
To take swing
And change
Your orbit to
“Watch your step”