Get in line

Lady liberty’s
In the hospital
St. Mary’s.
Lost her Medicare
Don’t know
If she’ll make it.
DNR orders from
Congress, no stay
From the Courts.
Pulse weakening,
As we watch in vigilance.


Lady liberty
From her death bed
On life support.
Taken ill.
Strapped down
With fences.
Rebar through
Her hands of
Crucified like Christ
By her closest friends.


Lady liberty dies.
Fast as fascists
Rise through lies,
Dissent and disdain.
Chipping away at
Decency’s design.
Taking apart, thread
By thread, the fabric
Of our fallen lady’s robes.


In tribute,
at the gates
We leave
Bottled water,
From our Lord.
Our thoughts
And prayers for
The forgotten
Tired, poor
Yearning masses
Who came to breathe
Only to be locked in the age-old
Cage of tyranny.