Breathing Room

The streets are full tonight…

Full of fear

Full of hopes that their first amendment won’t be silenced
By a jail cell

Full of the voices that are not allowed to speak past 7:00pm

Full of the fines that will go to pay for the new military equipment that they will use to “calm” your next petition of grievances.

Full of antagonizers who wish to sew the seeds of Anarchy to de-legitimize your first right in the first place.

Full of we the people on our knees pleading for Liberty in our communities from the fear of Black Death and Imprisonment

Full of the promise that our police  are here to keep the peace, while they shoot tear gas and rubber bullets into a peaceable assembly at 6:59pm on a Monday while the General who is commissioned to protect us from foreign invaders is on the ground to “assess the damage”

Full of the blood of the weak, pushed down and left to bleed, old man didn’t get humanity from the police – just “push forward!” from the armed soldiers on his city streets at 6:49pm

Full of the fury of the founding fathers in Boston Harbor as they destroyed the tea unlawfully to create for you and me this great country

Full of love for one another as we lay down in these streets while you run us down in these streets ’til your prison cells fill with profits of punishment and we the people are held under the bare white knee of your authority asking simply to “breathe”. “Liberty. ” “Justice” — for ALL our peoples

And they sang:

“I take a breath

I take a knee

I pray to God

They ain’t

Coming for me.”